Finally I finished my architecture.Because of the many limitations, the things I do, is very different from my imagine.But I did my best version.LEGO blocks and “my world” give me the very good inspiration.So most use square pile method.My group gave me great help, they gave me many useful script.




My architectural appearance is roughly like this.I use the metallic color.Just SL is already in the evening, so can’t show very clear color.Just haven’t add a lot of scripts and texture.I believe that will look good after some.


The body is a very need thoughtful part.After thinking I decide to make with hollow structure.It will save a lot of prims.图像图像

Ok, I know it maybe a little ugly. But the number of prims limit me to do many details of robot. I think color it will become more beautiful. 

First step is the most difficult…

I ask my friend may times, they told me that if I want do the normal version it is a very difficult way. So I do the LEGO version. Then I watch the normal picture and transfer to the LEGO version in my mind.

I finished the head of robot.


But Isa said we only can put 300 stuff in our work platform. So I need to plan how can I build the body of it. The SL sever need maintain tonight. I quite the game and think of it.


Date Task
21/05/2014~25/05/2014 Determine the model,  start to make the head
26/May/2014~1/June/2014 Make the whole head.Most of the molding appearance
2/June/2014~8/June/2014 Details make the head.As far as possible the detailed
9/June/2014~15/June/2014 make the trunk
16/June/2014~22/June/2014 Arms, hands, legs, feet

Idea & design About assessment 3

Idea: At the beginning I just want to build a house, but  I come up with a new idea after I visit many places. I’d like to make a robot in my favorite cartoon.



But only the picture of the robot is not enough to let me know the detail for the robot. So I found many 2D or 3D picture to help understanding.


It is quite big work to do. So I am thinking about my timetable. Maybe I only build half body.